About Us

Glooberry is based in Wirral, close to Chester and Liverpool in the North West of the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to revolutionise how buyers manage their supply chain.

We know that firms that embrace SRM have a key strategic advantage over their competition.  We know because we have managed successful businesses that trade, manufacture, service, and supply across many sectors.  We've been in your shoes and know what it takes.  We've done the hard miles and now we've used technology to take most of the drudgery away.  You're still in control, in fact have more control, because you can see on your dashboard what is going on in procurement across the company.

We are not a faceless software provider but remain responsive and keen to help you – so if you think Glooberry lacks a feature, let us know.

Who are we?  Four blokes with over 100 years of business experience, four blokes who decided to make life simpler, who decided to build a technology solution for a business process which is so often overlooked and more often misunderstood.

We are:

  • David – the tech guy, always pedantic and often right, likely to be in a darkened room
  • Mark – international in experience and outlook, likely to be on a yacht
  • Brendon – connected and visionary, likely to be at a bar
  • Peter – elder statesman, deep thinker, likely to be asleep

If you have an idea to help Glooberry, let one of us know at idea@glooberry.com