Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files which are stored your computer or mobile device when you visit the site.  We use cookies on this website to improve its performance and enhance your user experience.  In particular, our cookies perform the following functions:

1. Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential to using this site since they identify your user account once you have logged in.  Without them, this site would not be able to provide access to your profile or any member-only functionality.

2. Performance Cookies

These cookies enable us to analyse the use of the website in order to improve the performance of individual pages and to enhance your experience of the site.

3. Functionality Cookies

These cookies may be used to record information about your preferences within the site, so that we can change certain aspects of the site to suit.  By saving your preferences in a cookie, we can remember them between sessions, avoiding the need for you to reselect them each time you visit.

Controlling Cookies

You can control how your browser accepts cookies for this – and any other – site.  Be aware however, that blocking them for this site may affect and even prevent your use of this site.  Should you still wish to do this though, click the appropriate link below for the browser you are using or refer to your browser's help function: