How It Works

Buying teams within organisations use Glooberry to manage their supply chain.  They invite their suppliers to register and set up a company account and profile, which can then be viewed and searched by the buyers.

As a supplier, you can be invited by more than one buying organisation, but only need one account, making it simple to keep all of your customers up-to-date not only on your contact details but also the products and services you provide.

If you have already received an invitation to join a company's supply chain, the link you need to register with will be included in the invitation email.  (If you have lost this, simply contact the company and request that they re-send the invitation.)

If you have not received an invitation, you can always join the Glooberry Marketplace site.  This is not affiliated to a particular buying organisation, but will enable you to receive public sector opportunities for free.  More importantly, it is also searchable by buying organisations, so if a buyer is looking for new companies to supply them, they could find you if your profile matches.  If you fit their requirements, they may then send you an invitation to join their supply chain, enabling you to receive opportunities from them directly.