5 Questions That Glooberry Answers

Our businesses are moving fast and day-to-day we expect our suppliers to move with us.

Everything is fine until the day a supplier fails to deliver and our business suffers as a result.

Here are five areas that we ask businesses to consider as they assess their supply chain and the potential impact on their business.

Price and Quality

How do you ensure that you get the right level of service and quality from your supply chain?  When buying commodities, how do you ensure the sharpest pricing?  What visibility do senior management have into the process and when was it last reviewed?  How much of your spend is allocated with preferred suppliers?

Supply Chain Knowledge Management

Is your supplier data accurate and up-to-date?  Do you have a supply history on each requirement that multiple teams can access?  When a buyer leaves your team, are the records of their buying activity easily transferred to a new member of your team?

Reaching your CSR Goals

Do you have the ability to support your customers' CSR guys with a robust supply chain that engages locally and with SME’s?  Can you find new local suppliers easily? Are you able to search for new suppliers by location?  Can you document your CSR-driven supply chain and show that you are meeting your targets?

Fraud and "Lazy Buying"

What processes do you have in place to prevent "lazy buying" that acquires services based on ease of supply, rather than quality and price?  Is your team of buyers self-monitoring their buying activity?  Are you concerned about fraud in the selection of suppliers and work awarded?

Risk and Compliance

What levels of compliance do your current suppliers achieve?  Are your buyers aware when an existing supplier’s compliance credentials are not updated with new legislation requirements?  What documented steps does your supply chain take to ensure peace of mind at the Director level that shows a rigorous duty of care in supplier selection?  Have your Directors requested a risk assessment of your supply chain?

At Glooberry, we continue to ask these questions and provide a cloud-based software solution that can answer them all for your business.

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